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Google AdSense: Tools, Tips and Resources

Google AdSense is a simple and low-risk way for publishers to quickly monetize their content. The pay-per-click ad system has created an opportunity for anyone to instantly have advertising on their website, without the hassle of having to actively sell ad space. AdSense makes up a good portion of the advertising revenue for many websites, and other websites may use AdSense to earn the bulk of their revenues. Either way, AdSense is an excellent system for monetizing your content.

In this post we present an ultimate collection of resources, tools and tips to help you make the most out of Google AdSense. Among other things, this post covers various Google AdSense tools, Firefox-extensions, WordPress-plugins and related resources.

1. Google AdSense Tools

iPhone AdSense Statistics Application (

SenseApp is a program that lets you track your Google Adsense earnings on your Apple iPhone.

Screenshot (

AdSense Earnings Tool (

Free and fast tool to monitor adsense earnings in realtime. This tool posts all the correct post fields to Googles universal Account Services login and collects information about your earnings. You’ll able to see today, yesterday, this month and since last payment earnings. You don’t need to log in to Google anymore.

Screenshot (

Google AdSense Toolbox (

Type any web page URL (e.g. or keywords (e.g. web development), select a country (optional) and hit Enter to see the latest Google Ads that are contextual and geo-targeted.

Google AdSense Preview Tool (

an addition to the right-click menu for Windows Internet Explorer 6.x, allowing you to preview the ads that may show on any webpage. With just a few clicks, you can see what ads may appear on your new webpages, or make an educated decision on whether to add AdSense to your existing site pages.

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool (

The search-based keyword tool allows you to find high-paying keywords to target, based on the domain name you specify.

Search Based Kw Tool (

Google Traffic Estimator (

The Google Traffic Estimator is an easy way to determine the search volume of certain keywords, and it shows related keywords and their volumes as well.

SpyFu (

SpyFu allows you to look up any website and see how much it is spending on AdSense, how it ranks for each keyword, and which keywords it buys. The tool is quite useful for researching competitors.

Spyfu (

adsblacklist (

Identify and block low-paying advertisers and increase ROI with AdSense.

2. Google AdSense Online Tools

Contextual Ads Preview/Comparison Tool (

This comparison tools comes in handy when you compare AdSense ads to those of other advertisement services (Chitika, Yahoo). You also have the ability to customize the colors and view what ads a certain URL would be likely to display.

Pubmatic (

Google AdSense Calculator (

This AdSense Calculator is designed to help you to predict changes in your earnings depending on improvement (or deterioration) of Page Impressions, Click Through Rate and Cost Per Click. You can download further calculators here (

Screenshot (

WordTracker (

During the search, people use different keywords. Using this tool, you can find the most effective words before deciding what content to include on your page. Not free, but the free trial is available.

Traffic Estimator Sandbox (

To use this tool, you need an AdWords account. This traffic estimator helps you to figure out what keywords result in the highest paying AdSense ads (more details on uphook (

Screenshot (

Pubmatic (

While Pubmatic isn’t strictly an AdSense tool, it will definitely help you earn more money from your website by optimizing your ads. With each page view, Pubmatic determines whether showing an AdSense ad or an ad from a different network would be best, based on the CPM.

Pubmatic (

AlterNut Ad (

Instead of earning nothing from the PSA ads that Google fills the page with when it has no ads to show, earn a set fee by giving AlterNut Ad your unused PSA ads.

3. Google AdSense Firefox Extensions

AdSense Notifier (

This extension displays your AdSense earnings in the status bar.

AdSense Preview (

Check what Google ads would be displayed if they were shown on a particular page with this preview tool.

AdSense Preview (

Money Quake (

Money Quake allows you to see your real-time earnings for many popular advertising programs, including AdSense.

AdSense Preview (

GraphSense (

GraphSense gives you a visual look at your AdSense reports by adding graphs to the interface. As of this post, the extension is still classified as “experimental,” so you’ll have to log in to Mozilla to install it.

Graphsense (

4. Official AdSense Resources

Google has provided some official tools and resources to help publishers get started with AdSense.

Google AdSense Help Center (

A database of questions and answers about the AdSense program.

Help Center (

Inside AdSense Blog (

The official AdSense blog. Find news, tips and other features about the ad system here.

AdSense Community Forum (

Have an AdSense question? Ask a community of publishers and the AdSense team.

Official Optimization Tips (

A collection of tips provided by the AdSense team.

Official AdSense Channel on YouTube (

Instructional videos and interviews by successful AdSense publishers.

Interest-based advertising with Google AdSense (

Just recently Google announced the launch of interest-based advertising ( This help section addresses the new mechanism and explains how you can benefit from it.

5. Getting Started with AdSense

Because of the popularity of AdSense, many so-called “experts” out there try to give “inside information” or sell their secrets in the form of ebooks. If you’re truly a beginner to AdSense, use the official AdSense help database ( that Google provides.

Here are some “getting started” articles by a few trusted authors.

Problogger’s AdSense Tips for Bloggers (

Darren Rowse’s excellent eight-part series will get you well on your way to making money from AdSense.

AdSense Tips For Bloggers (

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Effective AdSense Link Units Optimization (

A great rundown of the different types of link units and how they’re best used in a website layout.

Ultimate Beginner's Guide (

Where Should I Place Google Ads on my Page? (

The Google AdSense team has made a helpful map showing the different regions of a website layout where AdSense units perform the best.

6. Optimization Tips

Like any ad system, AdSense can be optimized to generate more clicks and revenue. Here are some tips to help boost AdSense performance.

Adsense Success Stories (

Several examples of websites that increased their earnings significantly with Adsense. The success stories talk a lot about ad optimization, etc.

Google AdSense Tips (

Google Blogscoped provides an excellent collection of AdSense tips based on its experience with implementing Google ads.

Google Blogscoped AdSense (

My top 5 tips for increasing adsense earnings (without increasing traffic) (

Experiment with color and position, use different adverts for different dates, use content targeting, referrals and take care of the SEO.

Screenshot (

Eye-Tracking Studies by Jakob Nielsen (

Great eye-tracking examples that show where users’ eyes start and end up on a page.

Eye-tracking (

Adsense Tips, Layout Optimization Tricks for Higher CTR (

A collection of excellent do’s and don’ts for new publishers, as well as advice for more advanced AdSense users.

Rotate Google AdSense Ad Colors : Reduce Ad Blindness (

One of the many enemies of publishers who rely on ads is banner blindness ( Rotating ad colors is a good way to combat banner blindness, resulting in more clicks on ads.

Google AdSense Tips, Tricks and Secrets (

Popular SEO blogger Michael Gray has an extensive post on various AdSense tips and performance boosters.

AdSense Tips Tricks Secrets (

How to Display Ads Only to Search Visitors (

Click-through ratios are much higher if you show your AdSense units only to visitors who were referred by search engines. Here’s an article on how to implement that functionality on your website.

Using the Competitive Ad Filter to Increase AdSense Earnings (

Learn how to block made-for-AdSense websites as competitors, allowing only the best and most relevant ads to show on your units.

100 Google AdSense Tips (

While this article is a few years old, it still has some very valuable tips on how to optimize Google AdSense. Perfect for the beginner.

20+ Practical and Ethical Tips to Earn More Revenue from Google AdSense (

eTechBuzz shows us some useful and ethical AdSense tips.

20 Practical Tips (

Blogmitize! (

The Official AdSense Blog has a post on how to make the most money from your blog layout.

Little Known ‘Boring’ Websites that Make Incredible Money with AdSense (

An article highlighting that nearly anyone with a niche website can make money from AdSense.

7. AdSense WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, so it’s no surprise that a few themes come AdSense-ready, with ad placements already determined.

Pro Sense (

Prosense (

Get Some! (

CognoBlue (

Cognoblue (

TechBlue (

Techblue (

Elite Circle (

Amazing Grace (

Amazing Grace (

Amazing (

8. AdSense WordPress Plug-Ins

If you want to integrate AdSense in your existing website, here are some plug-ins to help display your ads.

AdSense Manager (

The AdSense Manager widget allows for the automatic creation of AdSense ad zones on your WordPress blog. The plug-in also supports other ad networks, such as YPN (, AdBrite ( and Commission Junction (

Adsense Manager (

Easy AdSenser (

Easy AdSenser is a feature-filled plug-in that allows you to easily insert AdSense into your posts and layout. It has an extremely user-friendly interface, with lots of features that make adding AdSense much easier than it is with other plug-ins.

AdSense Revenue Sharing (

Share AdSense earnings with co-authors using the AdSense Revenue Sharing plug-in.

AdSense Revenue Sharing (

All in One AdSense and YPN (

Use the All in One AdSense and YPN plug-in to automatically insert YPN and AdSense ads into your existing blog posts.

AdSense Under Image (

If a post has an image, this plug-in automatically inserts an AdSense block under the image.

AdSense Deluxe 2 (

Another plug-in to automatically insert AdSense ad units into blog posts.

AdSense Deluxe 2 (

Google AdSense for Feeds (

A simple plug-in that places AdSense in your blog’s feed.

Ozh’ Who Sees Ads (

Determines what type of visitor will see ads on your website. This plug-in allows publishers to hide ads from regular visitors and show them only to search visitors.

Who Sees Ads Wp25 (

9. AdSense Books

If you’re looking for an entire collection of tips and advice on making the most out of AdSense, you might want to try a print book instead. Plenty of excellent AdSense articles are available online, but on the whole, it is easier to find more accurate information in print media. Here are some of the most popular books on AdSense.

The Best Damn Google AdSense Book (

Best Damn (

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense, AdWords and the Google APIs (

The AdSense Code (

Google AdSense Secrets (

The Google AdSense Millionaire (

10. AdSense Forums and Communities

Webmaster World AdSense Forum (

The WMW forum is by far the best forum for getting expert advice on AdSense. A member of the Google AdSense team actually reviews all the threads and answers questions, so the information is legitimate.

Wmw Forum (

Digital Point AdSense Forum (

Digital Point’s AdSense forum isn’t as strict as the Webmaster World forum, so there is a lot of engagement but less experienced users and less informed advice.

Forum (

Jowl Comm’s AdSense Chat (

Forum (

SEOChat (

SEOChat doesn’t have an entire forum dedicated to Google AdSense, but it does have a thriving forum for affiliate marketing in which many AdSense topics come up on a regular basis.

11. Those Against AdSense

It’s always a good practice to hear the other side of the story when rounding up resources on a topic, especially one as controversial as AdSense. Many experts argue that AdSense isn’t the best choice for publishers to monetize their content. Here are a few articles that criticize AdSense.

Dear AdSense, You Broke My Heart (

Problogger Darren Rowse’s open letter to AdSense about why he was disappointed in its decision to change the referral policy ( for publishers outside the US.

Dear AdSense (

Have You Weaned Your Blog from AdSense Yet? (

A convincing argument for moving from AdSense’s cost-per-click structure to CPM ads and other affiliate programs.

Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging (

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark provides some compelling reasons to ditch AdSense and sell products that solve real-world problems.

Why You Cant (

10 Reasons Why People Hate Google AdSense (

A round-up of thought-provoking reasons as to why Google ads repel publishers. Some of the reasons include: the ads are ugly, Adsense is everywhere, poor email support with the Google team and many others.

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Ad Management Plug-Ins And Tutorials For Wordpress

Dozens of ad and affiliate networks exist, and you have different ad formats to consider. Should you sell text ads or banner ads? Should you allow Flash ads? What about ads with sound, pop-ups or floating ads? People have so many decisions to make that they often just end up slapping on some AdSense code and calling it a day. And that’s fine.

But you have a ton of other options for displaying ads on your website, from using other ad networks to selling and managing banner ads yourself. There are plug-ins for virtually every CMS and blogging platform out there that allow you to rotate banner ads or insert blocks of ad code.

This post is a collection of ad management plug-ins for WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal and Joomla! to get your started. At the end are a few tutorials for creating your own banner ad rotation scripts in PHP and ASP (so that even if a plug-in is not available for your CMS of choice, you’ll likely be able to build your own).

1. Plug-Ins For WordPress

Who Sees Ads? (

Control which visitors see ads on your website, based on where they came from, whether they’re logged in, how old the post is and more.

Screenshot (

AdRotate (

A simple tool that lets you manage banner ads (even for multiple sizes and different placement) on your website.

Screenshot (

Ads For Old Posts (

This plug-in automatically inserts an ad block in your posts once they’re past a certain age.

OIO Publisher (

An ad manager that focuses on maximising your revenue, saving you time, and keeping you in complete control of your ad space. The php-script can be used to sell and serve ads and it is also available as a ready-to-be-used WordPress plugin.

OpenX Manager (

Lets you integrate the open-source ad server OpenX, along with the ability to import data from an existing OpenX server.

Screenshot (

WP125 (

Manage 125×125 pixel ads without having to edit your template or keep track of when advertisements need to be removed.

Advertising Manager (

A plug-in to manage Google AdSense or other ad network ads.

Twitter Brand Sponsors (

Allows up to 10 different brands to syndicate their most recent tweets on your blog’s sidebar.

Screenshot (

All in One AdSense and YPN (

A plug-in to integrate AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network ads into your blog.

WordPress Classifieds Plug-In (

Another plug-in to create a classifieds section on your blog.

OmniAds – WordPress Ads Plug-In (

An ad plug-in that allows you to post HTML or PHP units within your code.

Screenshot (

Post Layout WordPress Plug-In (

A plug-in to let you control where your AdSense ads appear within a post.

Feed Layout (

Add advertisements or other items into your RSS feed.

Smart Ads WordPress Plug-In (

A plug-in to automatically insert ads at the beginning and/or end of each post, depending on the post’s length, age or category or the blog member’s status.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plug-In (

An easy-to-use plug-in for creating a classifieds ad page on your blog.

Screenshot (

AdSense Revenue Sharing (

A great plug-in if you want to share your AdSense revenue with multiple authors on a single blog.

Screenshot (

WP-banner (

A plug-in that allows you to put banner ads in a widget or a DIV anywhere on your website.

Random/Rotating Ads (

Show any kind of ad on your website, either in widgets or in your template.

Clickbank Hop Ad Plug-In for WordPress (

Lets you add Clickbank ads to your website through a configurable widget.


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Free Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For WP

Free and premium WordPress newsletter plugins are a WP site owner’s most powerful tool for growing a mailing list or email subscription. Subscribers of newsletters want to keep up to date with what your business or site is doing and email newsletters are still the best way to communicate that information with your readers and customers.

From a business perspective email subscription lists are preferred over Facebook and Twitter followers because click-through rates (CTR) are much greater and this medium offers more flexibility in some aspects. Recently there’s been a surge of new premium WP newsletter plugins that have been developed to improve subscriber rates in a more effective and elegant manner. Below we’ve created a review list of the best WordPress newsletter plugins currently available.

Premium WordPress Newsletter Plugins

subscribers magnet plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogSubscribers Magnet – A premium WordPress newsletter subscription plugin that makes it easy to create subscription optin forms and place them strategically throughout your WP blog. You can add forms to your sidebar, within posts or pages, or in your comments section. The real power of this WordPress subscription plugin is that it can automatically import the user’s name and email into the forms so that all the visitor has to do is click the subscribe button. Other additional features include double optin capabilities, popin forms, and a custom footer bar signup form. Some of these forms can also be limited to show only a certain amount of times per user.

newsletter booster plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogNewsletter Booster – This is another premium WordPress newsletter plugin that attempts to assist you in gathering more subscribers. Once it’s installed and activated on your WP site, it adds a subscription check box to your login page and comments section. Thus, when a new visitor logs in or tries to comment all he/she has to do is check that signup box to subscribe to your newsletter. There’s even a settings panel that allows you to format the text and the look and feel of the optin check box.

newsletter plugin for wordpress Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogWordPress Newsletter Plugin – Tribulant’s premium WP newsletter plugin is much more than a simple subscription plugin designed to help you increase your subscriber rate. It’s a full blown email marketing tool that lets you create and send newsletters directly from your WordPress site. This can be especially desirable since email marketing services can become quite expensive depending on how many emails you send and the number of subscribers you have in your mailing list. Saving you money isn’t the only benefit of this premium newsletter plugin. The plethora of features that it offers includes subscriber statistics, free or paid subscription plans, email scheduling, PayPal integration, the ability to create multiple mailing lists, newsletter templates, email queue, automatic and manual import and export of subscribers via CSV, add custom fields to forms, sidebar newsletter widgets, send HTML newsletters, subscriber management panel, mailing list stats, embeddable optin forms that can be placed anywhere on your WP site, email history, add attachments to emails, Gmail SMTP capabilities, compatible with WordPress MU, email tracking, POP and IMAP bounce handling, unlimited subscribers and contacts, ability to display banner ads to subscribers, AJAX integration, SMTP authentication, send post as a newsletter, off-site subscription forms, and bounce email management functionality.

standout comments plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogStandout Comments – A premium WordPress subscription plugin that adds extra optin subscription sign-up functionality to your WP blog. Check box forms are added to your comments section so you can easily capture a commenter’s email address if he or she wishes to subscribe to your newsletter. Other features include sharing buttons, banner ad placements, tweetback tracking, and an administration panel to easily change the plugin’s settings.

Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins

mail press Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogMailPress – A free newsletter plugin that comes with a ton of awesome features that’s available for download at the WordPress repository. MailPress was initially created so that admins could customize the look of all emails sent by your WordPress blog. Since its inception however it has grown to offer several other features and extra add-on functionality. Admins can not only customize WP emails but create full newsletters, custom email notifications for new posts, comment subscriptions, HTML or plain text emails, email themes/templates, double optin forms, regular signup forms, autoresponders, and multiple mailing lists. The plugin add-ons permit handling of bounced emails, importing emails, user roles and capabilities, phpmail, sendmail, email tracking, image and video uploads, and the ability to batch send emails. It’s truly one of the most ambitiously developed free newsletter plugins that’s currently available. The only downside of this plugin is that you have to manually update it to prevent losing any customizations you’ve made to MailPress.

newsletter Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogNewsletter – A popular free WordPress subscription plugin that enhances your ability to collect newsletter subscribers. The Newsletter plugin offers single or double opt-in subscription options plus the ability to totally customize what the user sees when he/she subscribes or unsubscribes. A text editor is included to permit the admin to create custom newsletters that can be personalized with each subscribers name.

mail chimp Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogMailChimp List Subscribe Form – Another free WordPress subscription plugin to help you get your newsletter subscription signup form up and running. This is really just a simple WP subscription plugin that makes newsletter form creation for MailChimp’s email marketing service easier in WordPress. In practically no time you’ll be able to create your newsletter subscription form for MailChimp and add it to your WP sidebar via a widget. It’s not chocked full of extra features but it does get the job done. Why MailChimp you ask? Well, for one reason, they offer free services for mailing lists with less than 500 subscribers or 3000 emails which makes them perfect for newsletter virgins. More benefits include competitive pricing, lots of features, an intuitive user interface, the ability to fully customize your newsletter with ease.

alo easymail Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogALO EasyMail Newsletter – If you’d like to avoid the email marketing services, this free WordPress newsletter plugin allows the WP admin to create custom HTML newsletters to send to registered users, subscribers, and other email addresses. The ALO EasyMail Newsletter plugin uses automatic batch sending via WP cron to send out small batches of emails at preset time intervals. This helps to avoid email delivery failure that occurs when large numbers of emails are sent out all at once. Additional features of this WP newsletter plugin include opt-in forms, subscriber imports, mailing list management, assignment of roles and management capabilities for newsletters, newsletter reports, autoresponders, and support for multiple languages.

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Top 10 Facebook Plugins For Your WordPress

WordPress Facebook plugins integrate with your WP blog to distribute content between your WordPress website and Facebook. These Facebook plugins for WordPress may be simple social sharing buttons to more complicated WP Facebook plugins that can synchronize and display comments between the two mediums. In our review list below, we’ve identified some of the best WordPress Facebook plugins that are available.

– This Facebook plugin alllows you to automatically post your WordPress blog publications to your Facebook profile’s wall. It will also pull in images from that post to display to your friends from their FB news feed and allow them to comment on the article at Facebook.

Fotobook – This Facebook WordPress plugin permits the user to import photo albums from Facebook to his or her own WordPress blog using the Facebook API. Photos can then be displayed on a single post, page, or via a sidebar widget. The plugin also includes a AJAX album panel for managing your photo albums.

Like – A WP plugin for Facebook that integrates the new Like button for sharing content with your Facebook friends. Features include the ability to access your Facebook fan pages, send updates to fans, change the width and height of the button, display the share count, change font and color of the button, show the Facebook profile pictures, display or hide the button anywhere on your site, and much more.

Facebook Comments for WordPress – This WP Facebook plugin will integrate Facebook commenting into your blog allowing your readers to comment using their Facebook profile. The plugin can be customized to change the look of the comments and set the maximum number of comments that should be displayed to visitors. Commenters are additionally given the opportunity to post their comment to their own FB profile.

Facebook Dashboard Widget – If you’ve ever wanted to export your Facebook friends’ updates into your blog this WordPress Facebook plugin is perfect for your needs. In additional to importing your friends’ status updates RSS feed, it also grabs your own activity feed so that you can display it a dashboard widget in your WP admin panel without logging into Facebook. The admin can set the number of items to be displayed, change the width and height of the widget, or choose to display the content in one’s sidebar.

Status Press Widget – This WP Facebook plugin lets you display your status update from Facebook in your WP blog’s sidebar via a widget. It also works with Twitter, Last.FM and other social networks that allow users to update their status.

Share on Facebook – This WP Facebook plugin creates a simple link on the bottom of your WordPress post or page that visitors can use to share your site’s content on Facebook. The admin can set the link to display as simple text, a Facebook icon, or a “Share on Facebook” button either automatically or using the plugin’s template tag.

Simple Facebook Connect – A WordPress Facebook plugin that adds Facebook Connect login abilities to your WP blog permitting readers to comment using their Facebook profile. The plugin also allows you to manually publish your blog posts to your FB profile, an FB application, or a Facebook fan page. Other add-ons for this plugin can extend its functionality to import other great features geared toward integrating with Facebook and promoting your website’s content there.

Facebook Share Statistics – This handy WordPress Facebook plugin provides the administrator with statistics and charts about how many of your site’s posts have been shared on Facebook, how many Likes they’ve accumulated, the number of Facebook comments that were created per post, and how many visits from Facebook each post generated for you. The analytics are assigned to each post such that you can easily find out how effective a given article was at referring visitors to your site from Facebook.

Facebook Fan Box – If you have a Facebook fan page for your blog, you can display any recent updates and new fans using this fan box plugin. Customized settings for this WordPress plugin permits the admin to change the appearance, dimensions, stream stories, and limit the number of fans that are shown.

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